Are you looking for an enjoyable way to manage your health, stay strong, fit and flexible in body & mind? Brisbane-based yogaphysio is committed to helping people step back into their power - to know their bodies' capacity to heal and to let go of anything that gets in the way of that. Classes and consults provide education from a base of Western medical research and teach healing tools from the timeless tradition of yoga to speed recovery and prevent lingering injuries. You move towards better health &  joyful mind. All classes running as per timetable - check before on public hols.

Yoga Classes Timetable

We offer an extensive timetable of yoga and meditation teachings for all levels. Our skills are recognised by yoga teachers, students and health professionals.

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3-Day Yoga Retreat in Apr/May2017

Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat near Crystal Castle just outside Byron Bay, from 28 Apr - 1 May. Registration open in November.


Why yogaphysio?

Our yoga teachers are physiotherapists or trained by physiotherapists, ensuring you are moving in a safe and beneficial way - reassuring if you are recovering from injury.

Meet our teachers.

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