Yogaphysio offers yoga for everyone - for Fitness, Therapy and Fun. Our classes differ from usual yoga classes in that the practices taught are chosen to bring balance where the body needs it. You won't be doing the postures that you find easy, you will be challenged by the ones you need. In the longer term this will enable you to do the many of the stronger classical poses with confidence and ease. You will avoid the injuries that happen when the body lacks a balanced foundation. Private physiotherapy and yoga therapy consults are available online through Zoom or Skype.   You move towards better health &  joyful mind.

Note regarding Corona Virus - Wow! Everything is changing pretty rapidly right now.

Like many of you I have been following reputable sources of information with respect to the virus. It is evident that we are facing unknown territory with inconsistent and confusing guidance. There has been a tragic loss of life in many European countries, largely due to overwhelmed health services. My heart and wishes are with friends in lockdowns in these countries.

Hygiene measures that have been implemented this week at the studio remain really important in the general community - the importance of regular hand washing for 20s in warm soapy water (no need for fancy 'antibacterial wipes or sprays'). Social distancing however is reported to have the most significant effect on slowing the spread of the virus - 'flattening the curve''. By slowing the spread of the virus,our health services will be able to manage the cases that need care and lives will be saved. We are aware that asymptomatic people can carry the virus to elderly and vulnerable populations. 

On these grounds, I have made the decision to close the studio. We will remain closed while we monitor the rate of spread in our community. We will risk assess the possibility of damaging exposure to elderly and vulnerable population, when deciding at to re-open. 

I will be providing mini classes online through facebook 20-30 minute sessions, for students with current passes. To gain access please friend request me here... I will then invite you to a private group where these short video's will be available.  I'm actually feeling very excited about exploring this means for sharing yoga and staying connected.  I'm going to retrict in for the time being to the bodies I know, as even though I won't see you, I will know who is there and remain responsive to your needs. If you are happy to use your class pass to pay for this session, just PM me each time you are happy for me to tick off your card. With card expiry we can reassess where we are at to continue - I'm thinking of a sliding scale of monthly subscription $15 - $50 according to your capacity.  I'm actually feeling very excited about exploring this means for sharing yoga and staying connected. Together we will get through with a lot of online fun as I embrace this with my usual enthusiasm.

Regarding retreats and events, I will be in touch to advise about cancelled events and arranging refunds. I've been instructed by Clive Sheridan to cancel our Brisbane workshop, so please email your bank details for refund. In time I will organise refunds for my personal retreats also. Please be patient as my admin load is huge right now.

Anyway I hope the impact of Covid 19 on your physical, emotional and financial health is manageable if not completely avoidable.

up to date timetable

Yoga in French Pyrennes

22 - 29 June 2020

4 spots left if you fancy an adventure in the mystical French Pyrennes; join us for 7 days on Mt Canigou. 

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3 Day Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat - Byron Bay

3 days in the beauty of Byron Bay hinterland.
Nourish yourmind, body and spirit.
1 - 4 May 2020



Intro Deal
Unlimited 1 month $65 *

*Open to all new students or those returning after minimum 1 year break. Please check suitability before attending experienced level classes. Offer valid from 7 Jan - June 2020 on all onine classes.

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