Brisbane-based yogaphysio is offers classes for everyone - for Fitness, Therapy and Fun. Our classes differ from usual yoga classes in that the practices taught are chosen to bring balance where the body needs it. You won't be doing the postures that you find easy, you will be challenged by the ones you need. In the longer term this will enable you to do the many of the stronger classical poses with confidence and ease. You will avoid the injuries that happen when the body lacks a balanced foundation. Private consults are also beneficial to set a home practice to speed recovery from injury and prevent lingering pain. You move towards better health &  joyful mind. Check current timetable for classes through May Day weekend.

Yoga Classes Timetable

We offer an extensive timetable of yoga and meditation teachings for all levels. Our skills are recognised by yoga teachers, students and health professionals.

See our timetable.

3-Day Yoga Retreat in Apr/May2017

Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat near Crystal Castle just outside Byron Bay, from 28 Apr - 1 May. Registration open in November.


Why yogaphysio?

Our yoga teachers are physiotherapists or trained by physiotherapists. Whether you are recovering from an injury or working on stong advance practices - you will be benefit from our safe, knowledgable guidance.

Meet our teachers.

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