Meditation is an integral part of yoga. In the yoga traditions the state of 'meditation' involves the stilling of the mind with internal focus (samadhi). This state is more easily achievable with a lifestyle removed from the world - monastic living and even so, can take many years of preparation. The preparation practices that may be referred to as meditation practice however, do not require stilling of the mind. Such practices offer huge benefit for people that have a secular lifestyle with the commitments and demands involved.

The meditation practices taught at yogaphysio involve the development of awareness ('mindfulness') in a formal setting of a group or individual 'sit' (NB meditation can be practiced in lying, standing or as an active practice); students of meditation are also encouraged to take the practice to their world, to train awareness while they are involved in all activities of daily living. This involves a level of self study (svadhyaya) - to notice how reactivity to the stresses of daily life is not serving us well - sometimes a hard lesson. With time and practice, more leveled responses become more available and stress levels reduced.

The philsophies that direct these practices are yoga, Vedanta, Tantra and Buddhism. The emphasis on all these philosophies is on direct experience.  The practical and non-doctrinal aspects are emphasised. People of all faiths can benefit from practising this style of meditation.



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Sample Meditation

Awareness based meditation or mindfulness isn't about changing experience or making the mind stop or be calm. It's about stepping back and being able to observe without getting involved in the mind story.

With practice you start to identify more with the 'observer' rather than getting usually painfully caught up in the 'observed' (the content of the mind).


Relaxing Meditation

This meditation is intended to bring the attention into the body in a gentle and loving way. Be in a position of comfort – not necessarily sitting – you can lounge or lie down. Relax your body, rest your mind in your relaxed body. Be firm in your intention to ignore the mind and to relax into the body. Become aware of the light of love in your heart – the spaciousness of your heart. Trust and surrender your attention into your heart.


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