Therapeutic Yoga Workshops

These 'In Person' practice based workshops give participants the knowledge of practices to benefit their bodies. They teach safe and appropriate preparatory practices and technique for classical poses to enure the student optimises the fitness for yoga postures. For students that have existing pathology or injury, modifications are taught, but also pathways to improve the condition.

These workshops are also useful for teachers, so that they are better able to cater for their students needs. Many students attending yoga classes are there to manage injuries or limitations and so teachers will increase their confidence and repetoire of practices to help their students.


Review of Biomechanics and Safe Adjustments - Teachers workshop $90

Sunday 27th Nov 8 - 11am @briswest centre paddington $90

Due to desk based work environments many students struggle with tightness and impingement or rotator cuff issues in the shoulder, resulting in pain and limitation in yoga poses.  In this workshop we will review the anatomical function and alignment principals of the shoulder. You will learn therapeutic principals and safe adjustments for weight-bearing poses like down face dog and non-weighbearing poses Parsvakonasana, Virabhadrasana II and Prvritti Janu Sirsasana. With confidence you will give your students a pain-free experience of correct and beneficial shoulder alignment.  This workshop is suitable for yoga teachers that want to improve their assisting skills. Some hands on adjustment experience will be of benefit.

Front Opening Course - Open to all

sunday 23rd Oct: 1300 - 1600 @ clayfield yoga studio $75


With so much of our work desk or sitting based, do you notice your body sometimes feels like it's in the shape of a chair.. - shortened hip flexors, rounded shoulders, slumped upper back... And the corresponding shouting messages from the body - neck pain, back pain, hip pain!!! Then this workshop is for everyone. In this lovely extended length (3hr) practice we will explore all the postures that reverse these occupational tendencies. We will also finish with a lovely relaxing Yoga Nidra to help counterpose the most overactive muscle of all - the mind. See you on the mat.



Spine in Standing Poses – Integrating Core Stability (open to all)

saturday 26th Nov: 11.30 -14.30 @ clayfield yoga studio $75


This concise 3 hour workshop, is focused on the practical aspects of understanding your spine and letting you know what to do to look after it. In particular we will explore the range of 'natural spinal curves' in standing poses and how to integrate core stability into them. Personally you will be able to identify the problems that might be causing your symptoms and get some ideas about how to address them with your yoga practice.  For teachers attending the workshop, you will be training your eye to notice the bodies' of your students, in order to better cater for their needs in your classes.Hip, knee and lower limb biomechanics - Open to all dates to be advised




Date TBA @ clayfield yoga studio $75

Constant burning bum... diagnosis piriformis syndrome or hip bursitis - making yoga classes more pain then pleasure?

These are common complaints if you've had a back issue in the past and are particularly popular with woman due to our unique anatomy - broader hips and child bearing pelvis. The usual poses that are practiced in normal yoga classes can make these problems worse rather than aid them. It is an area of the body where it helps to understand the anatomy in order to improve such conditions and obtain a balance in the muscles around the hip joint.

At the end of this workshop you will know the poses that are most helpful for your body, based upon a deep understanding of anatomy and biomechanics of the area. The workshop will be largely practical; and involve working together in small groups to observe and learn the landmarks of the body. 




Shoulder Biomechanics and safe practice.


next dates tba: 11.30 -14.30 @ clayfield yoga studio $75

Shoulders complaining with Down Dog and Chaturanga? - this is the workshop for you. Further dates to be advised.

Over many years of practising and teaching yoga I've found the shoulder joint often neglected and have treated and counselled many folk around recovery of often persisting shoulder pain. The shoulder is a flexible joint often uncomfortably bound by tight and dysfunctional overlying muscles. This makes it vulnerable to stress and slow to recover with the strain that many yoga postures impose.  It is hard to manage shoulder pain with simple technical adjustment. Having a little knowledge about the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder is essential to prevent and to recover from injuries.

This workshop will be largely practical; we will identify landmarks to assess mobility and strength around the shoulder joint complex and neck. We will apply this understanding to wisely choose poses to address findings  and explore modifications and technical refinements suitable to the individual. 


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