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*Times adjusted a little seasonally to suit attendees

Sunday's 7 - 9pm (AEDT) 6 - 8pm (QLD)

Shoulder functional anatomy & Common ailments -   20, 27 Nov & 4 Dec $110

(Pay: Tamara L James, BSB 484 799 Ac No 502082411, Ref: YOUR NAME)

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Postural factors impacting on the shoulder joint
  • Scapular stability
  • Rotator cuff function and glenohumeral stability
  • Common injuries and complaints
  • Cataranga, gomukasana and preparatory practices
  • Specific therapeutic practices for ailments


Multi-level Class teaching and Catering for Injuries - Recorded content available. $190 - more info on this course available here.

Many students benefit from yoga classes, despite what is taught. Yoga classes that are mindful with focus on breath and on the students developing self awareness and confidence in their body can bring much benefit. But... the teachers that have an edge and really excel in their teaching are those that understand, why what they are doing brings benefit. They don't accidently help their students' but they have the required knowledge to be specific and intentional in what they offer.  A teacher with this capacity will develop life-long students, who they will be able to support thru injury and into aging. These yoga therapeutics course are focussed on giving yoga teachers knowledge and practical skills to integrate in a class setting.

Courses are also open to interested, experienced students, but please note recent basic anatomy review of each area is pre-requisite to the course attendance.


Understanding the Spine & Common ailments - 2023 dates tbc $210

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Spinal posture and variations
  • Expected range of movement and addressing reduction
  • Relevant core stability
  • Aging and it's implications
  • Common ailments and diagnoses
  • Yoga modifications
  • Specific therapeutic practices for ailments


Hip and lower limb functional anatomy & Common ailments - 2023 dates coming $210 (Monday's 6.30 - 8.30)


Topics that will be covered include:

  • Observation of lower limb posture including the feet
  • Normal range of movement and addressing reduction
  • Stability and strength
  • Common complaints and catering for them
  • Arthritic and joint replacement surgery
  • Yoga practice modifications
  • Specific therapeutic practices for ailments


" I enjoyed this course very much and wish I had have had the opportunity to do this before my own back injury." Dallas, Course Participant

"I appreciated the depth of knowledge presented in Tam’s Spine and Common Ailments course.  It was very helpful to be able to watch videos of particular aspects of the work as well, as it takes more than one viewing to really take in these practices. I feel like we covered so much in 5 weeks. Your fresh perspective has inspired me to continue working on modifying my classes to meet the needs of my students who present with back and neck pain." Narelle Thomas

"You are a generous sharer of your knowledge and appear very experienced. Its incredible what you know about anatomy, positions and props.  Most encouraging and authentic in your presentation. You are readily available and accessible. Tamara's big aim/purpose is  to foster the development of better yoga teachers and I found you via Yoga Australia. I have not looked back since working under you." Kay in Adelaide

Pancha Kosha in Health and Healing - 28 Aug, 4 & 11 Sept $90

What is Pancha Kosha? The Pancha Kosha are our 5 'sheaths'. Western thinking and medicine is based around a dualistic philosophy that is a very deep and influencial part of our culture. Eastern models of health (including yoga) are mostly based on a non-dual knowing of reality, that appreciates the inter-relatedness of all our sheaths. Many will understand that the mind influences the body, but to really 'see' the depth of inter-relatedness comes through a profound self enquiry and exploration of our conditioning. We will explore this in these 3 weeks, with a particular focus on pain and post viral symptoms.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Exploration for the 5 sheaths of our being in regards pain and healing
  • Overview of the Physiology of Pain, other symptoms and Healing
  • When pain  and symptoms don't indicate an injury or illness
  • Integrating this understanding into yoga practice and teaching
  • Meditation and self enquiry during practice


Payment and booking details:

Regsiter now Email Tam:

Tamara L James BSB 484 799; Ac No. 502082411 (Ref: LASTNAME)




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