Founder of yogaphysio & Senior Physiotherapist, Tamara James

Tam has been a qualified and registered physiotherapist since 1994. She has extensive experience in treating a variety of problems ranging from acute injury to long term persisting pain. Wide ranging hospital and outpatient experience have equipped her to consider the needs of clients with different health conditions. She worked for 8 years in pain management centres alongside doctors, psychologists and occupational therapists including St Thomas’ Hospital, London and PainLogic, Brisbane. During this time she was trained to incorporate principles of cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy into her physiotherapy practice.

Tam has been practising yoga since 1994 and teaching since 1998. She obtained her yoga teaching qualification with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) in the United Kingdom; is a current senior level 3 member of Yoga Australia (YA) and has completed a Diploma of Yoga Therapy with Yoga Therapy Australia

She has studied yoga with senior teachers in the United Kingdom, India and Australia. Her yoga therapy training was with Dr NC (N Chandrasekaran) who is a medical doctor and yoga therapist with in excess of 25 years of practice delivers this training, which expounds how traditional applications of yoga complement current medical practice. This 3 year training, included an internship in Dr NC's Chennai clinic, a unique and rewarding opportunity.


Tam has studied Yoga and meditation beyond her yoga teacher training with numberous teachers in India and spent regular retreat periods in guided and self directed, silent meditation. 

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Yoga Teachers

Online YogaTeacher Kay Ashwood

Kay believes that Yoga is truly for everyone...all you need is an open heart and open mind!

Kay's first experience of Yoga was when she was age 8, attending a local yoga class with her older brother. Perhaps this was her first calling to the path. Her love and passion for Yoga began in 1997 in the tradition of Astanga Yoga.

She has continued to explore and discover various traditions and styles, including Iyengar and Hatha Yoga. Kay has been teaching since 2006, when she completed her teacher training with Kate Pell. Since her teacher training she has continued to advance her knowlegde and practice, workiing with many Senior international teachers including Donna Farhi and Clive Sheridan.

As the mother of two beautiful children, her true teachers, she is testament to the balance and clarity yoga brings to manage a busy life in the modern world.


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