Teaching Multi-level Classes & Catering for ailments

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- a workshop for qualified yoga teachers


Most yoga students will come to a class at a time slot that best suits them. For the teacher this may be tricky - do you challenge your stronger students, but risk that the less strong won't keep up and are at risk of injury or do you cater to the lowest level of fitness but risk having the stronger students move on?

Particularly relevant for newer teachers is that you may provide good options but still find the students aren't doing what keeps them safe and brings them maximal benefit. 

The facilitator of this workshop Tam has 20 years experience of teaching classes and providing therapy to a broad range of student ability. She has taught at festivals to 100 people and managed small classes of 5 or 6 where every student needs something different. She is very comfortable with managing the needs of a multi-level group and feeling that teacher trainings do not teach this, she hopes to fill the gap with these workshops. 

This twp

day workshop will be a mix of practice and theory discussion and will give teachers confidence in:

  • selecting a variety of options that provide pathways of progression into poses to cater for multiple abilties and injuries.
  • knowledge to assess capability and therefore suitability for students of poses particularly potentially injurious inversions. 
  • communication strategies to ensure students choose options that will bring them most benefit.
  • you will gain most from the workshop if ... you have in mind the areas you stuggle to cater for AND give consideration to the poses/ practices that bring benefits these particular areas of the body (think first outside of the yoga class) that are limited or injured.

Please book early as there will be a pre-requisite learning exercise to complete prior to the day .. There will also be homework on the Saturday. :) For more info or to book in for workshop contact Tam e: infoplease@yogaphysio.com.au

Bank details: Tamara L James BSB 484 799; Ac No. 502082411 (Ref: LASTNAME)



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