Yoga Intensive (In Person) $70

In Person and streamed

*$60 for Online Pass Holders & low waged

BrisWest Centre, 132 Latrobe Tce, Paddington Teachers Events $110
2024 In Person and streamed
Boxing Day 26th Dec 9.30 - 12.30 ($70)  
Sat 13 Jan 2.00 - 5.00pm  
Sat 24 Feb 3 - 6pm  
Sat 23rd Mar 3- 6 pm  
Sat 27th Apr 3 - 6pm  
Sat 25th May 3 - 6pm Kingscliff Class - Xcell Gym
Sat 22 June 3 - 6pm Sunday 28th July 10 - 1pm
20 July 3- 6pm  
24 Aug 3- 6pm  
21 Sept 3 - 6pm  
19 Oct 3 - 6pm  
30 Nov 3 -6 pm  

Dispelling the myths about meditation and pranayama, these Yoga Intensive (Sadhana) days have been designed to introduce students to the deeper aspects of yoga. In such an extended length class you will be introduced to awareness based meditation, pranayama, alongside the familiar asana practice. You will experience the benefits - a calm and clear mind and more open body.

The morning & afternoon practices vary, but include:

  • Lead awareness based meditation with guidance appropriate to level of attending students - rests in lying permitted for those not accustomed to sitting.

  • Pranayama - guidance in invigorating pranayama's to maximise health, digestive function and immunity. Finish with slower pranayama's to calm the mind.

  • Asana - A flowing multi-level asana suited to students with some experience of asana. As a physiotherapist with 20+years of experience Tam caters well to many levels and accommodates injury and limitation skillfully.

RSVP  Please before if possible, but last minute welcome, cash on the day.

What to bring on the day...

On the day please arrive early if possible; doors will be open 20mins before  Settle yourself quietly and arrive into embodied presence.  Sneak in quietly if late.

Bring all the yoga equipment you require – mat, bolster and bricks & water and personal tissue supply or hankie (you will need to blow nose maybe before pranayama).






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