10 Tips to Survive Isolation

Our world has been turned upside down at the moment and the unknown is scary. Our means of social support and distraction have been taken away, as we are required to stay home. For many people this is really challenging - to hang out with yourself, or worst still yourself and your family. Here are some of my tips to help you get through

10 tips to Survive "Iso'lation"

  1. Keep a solid daily routine - structure your day, maybe even post a schedule on the fridge. Allocate time for exercise, study, tending to the needs of family or put more effort into cooking special meals (not too many cakes) Connect with friends by phone and of course that daily yoga practice.
  2. Keep a normal sleep/ wake cycle - although it might feel like a luxury at first, sleeping in late and staying up watching TV may not be the best thing for your mental health. Keep getting up at the same time and don't sleep more than normal, unless of course you become unwell. Resist the afternoon naps. Boredom will make you feel sleepy - instead do something physically active.
  3. Keep your mind engaged - The internet is a blessing through this time. Use it to access online courses - learn a language, a musical instrument or craft..Initially you may feel a little unmotivated, but create an interest - fake it til you make it. Or contribute yourself - write a blog! DO NOT watch the news of engage in the negative messages in social media.. RESIST
  4. Dress up for the supermarket - Get dressed nicely everyday, and dress extra nice (make up if it's your thing) to go to the supermarket or those other essential outings. You will feel better.
  5. Exercise - If possible get outdoors. As permitted get out in nature and walk, run, skip, sing. If you have a garden be in it, enjoy the elements - sunshine and grass and fresh air. This is particularly advisable when the sleepy boredom kicks in mid-afternoon.
  6. When you need time out take it - If being at home and working from home means you are around family all the time, it won't be long before buttons are pushed, and it may be difficult to get away. Nurture yourself - what do you need? A nice long bath or a walk in the park? To curl up in a comfy chair with a book, headphones with uplifting music, locking everyone else out of your bedroom?
  7. Let go of the need to being doing - Many of us obtain our sense of worth by what we achieve and so if we are in a situation of enforced homestay we may not be able to get things done. While you might find things to do at home that satisfy your need to achieve, you may also feel anxiously at a loose end. Cultivate acceptance, don't beat yourself up. Better to accept than resist.
  8. Access your yoga family online -  Friend request me on facebook and gain access to our private community group with video's of practices or join online Zoom classes. We are running a near normal timetable and it's super fun.
  9. Learn to meditate - This is really the time. Learn how to be with uncomfortable emotion and uncertainty. Developing skills to self observe without getting involved in the story will give you the resilience to weather the challenges of this time. There is an abundance of accessible online courses. Look for quality, Please share recommendations on my facebook page.
  10. Laugh -  Don't be serious. Beyond keeping up to date with the necessary safety guidelines, do not watch the news. Take this time to appreciate family, and find joy in simple things, even if you are on your own a lot. Comedy is everywhere - log in to those funny cat video's.

And finally it's OK to struggle, we are in a stressful situation and you are not alone if feeling vulnerable. If you start to feel like you are getting withdrawn and down, make yourself connect a friend or access services like  Lifeline, BeyondBlue  or a GP or psychologist. As much as I love being on my own, I've already called upon friends in a few anxious moments.


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