Swakriya Yoga (SKY)

The force which is moving our ‘breath’ is the same which is moving the planets and stars. The flow of blood in our body is due to the same force which moves rivers and ocean. The power which is blinking our eyes is the same which is the cause of dawn and dusk.


Vedic scriptures inform, “Yatha pinde tatha brahmande”. As in the microcosm (body), so in the macrocosm (universe). The Upanishads also affirm this with mahavakya, “Sarvam khal-vidham Braham” – Everything that is, is Braham. The force that enlivens us, our world and our universe is the creative expression of the one divine. When we become aware of this supreme truth our limited perception falls down and we perceive the infinite, vast energy present everywhere. We become one with divine love.


Oneness is the truth. All the teachers of the great nondual traditions say the same thing in their own way. All have told us that there is only one reality, one awareness, in the universe, and that we have never been separate from that. All our life struggles – fear; abandonment; selfishness; aggression; carelessness toward each other and mother nature – all arise from the feeling of being separate.


SKY addresses the root cause of the problem directly. ‘Swakriya’ literally means the ‘movement’ (kriya) of ‘I’ (swa) – it is the Supreme Self in the form of movement.


Swakriya yoga involves different movements, mantras, breathing practices, and postures, through which we experience that we are not limited by our body or our mind. Practice creates an inner climate within which grace can reveal the reality we are trying to discover. If we keep practicing SKY – the bhava of unity will penetrate our mind, intellect and imagination and our consciousness will respond by generating its own spontaneous intuitions and realization of oneness. An intense and unconditional love is felt to arise in the heart. With 90% of sickness being due to this limited perception, SKY is also an optimal mind/body healing tool. We live a more peaceful, happy and loving life, full of meaning and connectivity with ‘mother nature’.

(Swami Gurusharanananda)


The workshops and classes at yogaphysio are currently focus on the Swakirya pranayama practices, Matrika Nyasa - learning the sanskrit chants and accompanying focus in the body, and the chakra bija mantras and other chants.


The next workshop will be Sunday 28th Sept 1.30 - 4.30pm. Cost $50 (Includes little Swakriya book & CD of Matrika Nyasa) Cash on day - proceeds to Anandamayi Maa Ashram Omkareshwar for the school.

Check availability and book in - email infoplease@yogaphysio.com.au

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