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General (enrolment form)

Classes are ongoing and do not require bookings, though it's a good idea to check which are the least busy classes if you are new. The studio is equipped with all you need, though some people prefer to bring their own mat. In the summer it is advisable to bring a small towel, particualrly if you perspire with exercise.

You will save time if you fill in the enrolment form before arriving; otherwise arrive early to do so. The studio is open at least 15minutes before class starting time. Particularly if you are travelling from some distance it is advisable to arrive early to ensure your spot.

It is ideal if you come to class with an empty stomach, bowel and bladder. Therefore please don't eat for at least 2 hours before a session. If you really need something, a fruit or vegetable juice, milk drink or light snack is OK. Food in the stomach creates discomfort during practice and interferes with energy movement and focus.

Please advise the teacher of any injury, illness or health condition you have before class and they will accommodate your limitations within the class. Do not try to do poses that don’t feel right for your body - seek guidance from the teacher for an alternative posture that will ultimately bring you greater benefit. Yoga is not about creating some shape with the body - working with sensitivity and awareness is the practice of yoga. Corrections will be offered but please advise teacher if you do NOT wish to be assisted in a poses or if teachers’ adjustments are too strong.

Many people attend classes at yogaphysioas part of their management of an injury or health condition, following physiotherapy. Yogaphysio classes do not replace physiotherapy or an individually prescribed programme. If you have an ailment which you are hoping to improve with yoga, it is recommended you have a physiotherapy consultation at some stage for assessment and advice on home programme. If you are not getting the results you expect from class, please discuss this with the teacher. The classes should not cause or increase pain - there is no such thing as 'no pain, no gain' in yoga!

Unless you are an existing student; if you are pregnant and commencing yoga we recommend you join a specific pre-natal class.

Beginners/yogaphysio classes

Suitable for students just starting out and wanting to build strength, core stability, flexibility and endurance. These classes also accommodate students with injuries and health conditions. To be sure check with us before attending. Time is also alloted to the teaching of gentle pranayama, relaxation and meditation. A yogaphysio physiotherapy assessment is advisable -  if you are attending these classes - which will provide an individualised home programme to enhance the benefits gained from yoga. Sonja and Tam are available to provide such assessments.

General/ yogaphysio classes

For students that have been in Beginners/yogaphysio classes as part of managing an injury, this class allows them to progress to some more challenging yoga poses, but still at a relaxed pace. Core stability is reviewed and monitored. Fit beginners could also come directly into this class. Traditional pranayama and sitting meditation are introduced in addition to relaxation.

General classes

Thee classes are suitable for students with some experience or those starting out with a higher level of fitness. Poses taught in these classes challenge flexibility and strength, but class content varies according to the teacher. Inversions and backbends are introduced as is suitable for the student, (preparatory options given). Prospective students are encouraged to try classes with the different teachers to ascertain their preference. Traditional pranayama and sitting meditation are introduced in addition to relaxation.

Experienced Classes

These classes are definitely NOT for beginners. These classes include dynamic sequences of stronger poses, sun salutations, inversions and backbends. These classes assume adequate general and core strength to be practicing stronger asana. More advanced pranayama techniques are taught. Students would be expected to be practicing yoga regularly to manage attendance in this class.

Meditation Classes

We are very happy to be offering a weekly meditation sit.


Hanuman Chalisa is sung Tuesday mornings. Hanuman is the 'monkey God'; he is the symbol of devotion and courage. This touch of traditional India is included in the timetable, because singing is an enjoyable practicie. To cultivate devotion towards a symbol of higher being is a humbling and powerful practice, you need not subscribe to Hindu beliefs to come and enjoy this practice. Devotion to your own symbol of higher power/divinity is encouraged. This practice is followed by more pranayama and chanting of matrika nyasa as part of swakriya yoga. Please enquire regarding other opportunities to chant mantra and traditional sloka's - more is happening that is mentioned on the website. smiley

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