Yoga for physiotherapists

There is a small, but growing body of research looking at using yoga as a treatment modality in many areas of medicine including musculoskeletal, chronic low back pain and in areas of cardiovascular and respiratory medicine.

It's use with chronic pain illustrates a consistency with the biopsychosocial model of healthcare in that it addresses mind and body. There is a growing body of research that suggests the usefulness of:
• exercise approaches that address the whole body, taking the focus off the area of pain;
• general core strength, flexibility and biomechanical efficiency;
• group based exercise, which emphasises self management, independence and coping in a normal social environment;
• integration of relaxation and breath awareness into movement and;
• integration of cognitive therapies and mindfulness ('awareness') into movement therapy that allow people to examine where beliefs about pain and moving may be limiting.

Yoga does all of these things! We are encouraging physio's with a good yoga practice base, into our retreat based trainings. These training retreats will give physio's knowledge of the subtleties of asana biomechanics, specifically for therapeutic use in a number of body areas. They will also the usefuless of pranayama, enquiry and meditation methods added to the physical practices.

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