Awakening the Goddess

Empowering your inner Goddess

Online date Soon 2021

The Gods and Goddesses in the Vedic tradition are often misunderstood as alientating religious figures that are not relevant to western practitioners of yoga.  When we explore the symbolism of the mystical side of yoga however we realise their value as meditative tools and empowering psychological archetypes.

The vedic tradition considers realization as entering into an absolute - beyond experience and beyond the mind and this may be articulated  in according semantics of any religious tradition. The gods and goddesses that we meet in the vedic tradition are aspects or energies within that absoute that are given form so that we may make use of them. We can worship them in a religious manner or we can invoke them in ritual in realization that they are aspects of our own psych sometimes overactive, latent or dormant.

Our short workshop will explore briefly a number of the popular Goddesses - Durga, Laksmi, Kali, Parvati and Saraswati. What are their attributes - the warrioress Durga, the abundant Lakshmi, the Ego polishing Kali, Parvati that strengthens of relationships, while preserving our individuality or the queen of creativite pursuits Saraswati. Thus, who do we need to call on to assist us in navigating our world with greater ease? We will explore ways of invoking the required goddesses and practices to embody them and their qulalities to empower ourselves.

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