Adjustment Workshop

Wed 18th Oct 1115 - 1415 $60 (incl GST)

As a qualified physiotherapist of 20 years and a dedicated yogi Tam brings a deep understanding of anatomy and physical touch to provide beneficial adjustments to yoga poses. She has used these skills to guide beginners of yoga - providing safe correctives to improve alignment, sensitive to the beginner. In the last few years she has also been honoured to assist her teachers Clive and Miranda on their retreats; here she has assisted a very experienced group of practitioners and teachers optimise their performance of basic and more advanced postures. 

Providing adjustments demands not only a good knowledge of applied anatomy, but also the ability to be senstive to where a student is at. When a teacher isn't sure of what they are doing the student senses this and they feel unsafe they then often resist the adjustment. On the other hand an over confident teacher with poor knowledge and a heavy hand can easily injure someone.

A student needs to be ready to receive an adjustment; to consent to it and it is important a teacher can read that. This workshop will explore all aspects of adjustments around a selection of standing poses and forward bends. It is designed for dedicated Yoga practitioners, Yoga teachers and anyone interested in knowing more about how to give and receive safe and effective adjustments. 

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