Mindfulness of Movement

Movement – exercise and general activity are often reported to increase pain. On automatic pilot our tendency is therefore to avoid pain by avoiding movement. Although this may mean less pain in the short term, it may not serve us well in the longer term.  

Bringing mindfulness to movement gives us some skills to explore the physical and emotional experience of pain. It invites us to investigate - to see what happens if we slow down, move differently, pause, relax.

Notice how pain changes over time; how is it different each day? Does it change when we are in a good or bad mood; when we are tired or refreshed; busy and stressed or relaxed? Developing such an attitude of curiosity can help us to make wiser choices in response to pain. Sometimes it's more helpful to gently persue movement around pain, rather than completely avoiding it.

In one-one sessions and yoga classes there is a lot of emphasis given to being mindful and aware. You will NOT be pushed into doing anything you don't want to do. Mindfulness gives you a method of making a start and building up your confidence with movements you may not have thought possible. You are encouraged to take your time, to work gently,  and to not give up.

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