Shoulder workshop

Shoulders complaining with Down Dog and Chaturanga. Over many years of practising and teaching yoga I've found the shoulder joint often neglected and susceptible to persisting shoulder pain not addressed in class. Want to change this - this is the workshop for you. Book now.



Shoulder Workshop with Tam

Sunday 29 May 7.15 - 10.30am

Shoulders complaining with Down Dog and Chaturanga? - this is the workshop for you.

The shoulder is a flexible joint often uncomfortably bound by tight and dysfunctional overlying muscles. This makes it vulnerable to stress and slow to recover with the strain that many yoga postures impose.  It is hard to manage shoulder pain with simple technical adjustment. Having a little knowledge about the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder is essential to prevent and to recover from injuries.

This workshop will be largely practical; we will identify landmarks to assess mobility and strenght around the shoulder joint complex and neck. We will apply this understanding to wisely choose poses to address findings  and explore modifications and technical refinements suitable to the individual. 

Cost: $60 payable in cash at studio or into bank account with name as reference.


Numbers are limited, so check place availability if registering closer to workshop date.

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