Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Paradise 1 - 4 May (3 days)

Remembering the Self - Witnessing based meditation 'Know yourSelf'. Many of my teachers have shared with me that Being is a natural state. It takes a lot of energy and effort to build our conceptual self, with the incessantly busy mind working in overdrive to perpetuate. When we come to practice meditation it's important to remember that there is nothing to create; nothing to improve... our practice is simply to realise that which we already are. The practice of meditation is to see from that perspective all that we are not - not our disturbing thoughts and emotions or ailing and aging body's.

Meditation & Yoga Retreat in Paradise

1 - 4 May 2020

Practice in Action

NB: Pub hols in Qld Mon

"What you are you already are. By knowing what you are not you are free of it and remain in your own natural state. It all happens quite spontaneously and effortlessly" Nisardagatta Maharaj.

The practices of yoga are for the mind - they help to make the mind more sattwic (calm), this sets up a condition where realisation of our natural free state is more likely. Practices of self enquiry and meditation are part of the yoga tradition and help to develop strength and clarity in thinking and emotions. Our retreats give a nice opportunity to experience this freedom and are suitable for beginners and experienced students alike. 

The retreat is facilitated by Tam James - a physiotherapist, senior yoga teacher with Yoga Australia ( and yoga therapist with AAYT. She has been practising yoga and meditation since 1994. She acknowledges many inspiring teachers for a sadhana of Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra. She also has training in the western psychological therapy – ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). By the grace of her teachers she has shared her understanding with her students since 1998. Her passion for retreat is to support people to go deeper into the practices of these ancient traditions in the precious environment of a silent retreat.

Depending on retreat numbers another yogaphysio teacher will assist in facilitating the retreat. 

Yoga postures (asana) and breathing (pranayama) practices are skilful tools to bring awareness into the body. For healthy yoga students the day begins at 5.30am with meditation and seated pranayama. Mid-morning there will a yoga sessions on offer – catering to beginners and experienced levels. In the afternoon and evening more meditation and there will be the opportunity for more asana self practice

The 'talks' offered on retreat are drawn from Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra in a way that is not espousing a philosophy or religion; but a system of knowing the eternal, unchanging part of you – referred to by various terms - Self, True Nature, Being, Divine, etc... . Application of teachings are not just used in meditation, but in daily life and in our relationships with the circumstances we find ourself in. During the silent retreat you have the opportunity to create the internal space in which awareness of Self is revealed. This will be supported by practices of meditation and practice of Self study – through body based awareness we watch the mind and emotions, the unfolding of experience.

Noble silence and Etiquette on the retreat:

The retreat environment is a sacred space, where we come together in tolerance and trust for Svadhyaya (self study) - to examine and study ourselves. From the comfort of home - where you can have what you want, when you want it - you are entering into a semi-monastic lifestyle, where you are invited to adhere to a set program and take what is offered. Such an environment is beautiful and precious, but also a bit of a 'pressure-cooker' for the egoic mind. Mental resistance may manifest in finding faults with the space and those around you – please be aware of this and remain respectful of the retreat opportunity. There is as much value in what you learn from this process as in the meditation itself. As part of cultivating awareness and understanding mind, the retreat talks will support you in this process of svadhyaya.

We will break silence on Monday morning and there will be an appropriate closing program with a talk to support the move back into the world. You will also enjoy reconnecting with the folk you have shared silence with for these days.

Prospective Program

Our venue is magic.. you are really in for a treat on this retreat! Just outside Byron near the Crystal Castle, surrounded by lush tropical forest is our ParadiseOne.

Venue: Paradise One, 139 Newes Rd, Coorabell, NSW
Plan to arrive between 4 & 6pm on Friday 3rd May (meal served at 7pm); we finish after lunch on Mon 6th May 2019

**Please advise if work commitments necessitate arrival outside standard arrival time and allow for traffic.

Meals & Accommodation (please bring bed linen unless advised):

$360 covers standard beds for men and women in yurts containing 6 beds with shared bathroom.

$510 single/ $410 each for couple  - there are 6 queen rooms with shared bathrom.

$410 per person -  there are 4 twin beds; bring a friend... if available we will allocate friends. 

For more privacy (luxury rooms with linen provided):

$920 there are 4 cabins with private bathroom & lounge (sofa bed); this configuration may suit a couple that want more space ($660 Single occupancy)

NB: Rooms are not confirmed before the receipt of $100 non-refundable deposit & forwarding of rego form to yogaphysio.

Donation for teachings:

The set retreat fee covers accommodation/ camping, facility use, all meals, snacks and drinks. The retreat fee does not cover the teachers’ time and energy contribution to the retreat. Meditation teachings are priceless and are offered without a set or up-front fee. In a spirit of trust and generosity you are requested to provide ‘dana’ (generous support) to the teachers’ in appreciation of the teachings. You are invited to reflect upon your means and value of the retreat in so doing.

Additionally, if you have financial resources that would help others less fortunate to attend the retreat, please post in your support with a note stating how much you are giving to the fee sponsorship fund.

Registration open Nov 2018

Enquires - Please email


Please inform us as soon as possible if you need to cancel, so that a place may be offered to another. Cancellation will incur an $100 cancellation fee before registration closing; surplus will be refunded up until 48 hours before retreat commencement (50% refund in this time).

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