Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual or 'self development' practice which has an infinite number of side benefits for the physical and mental body.  Many people feel this benefit just by attending classes - any movement is better than no movement, and when we bring directed attention to ailed areas of the body and move with the breath guided the effect is greater still. Yogaphysio classes usually involve practices that bring balance to common ailments in the body. If a normal yoga class is not helping you though, don't 'throw the baby out with the bath water'; it maybe that you need something that is more specific to you or better paced towards your current fitness level. This is when we recommend a private assessment.

The following practices are often given as part of an individualised program and so I have included these video's to assist students in maintaining the best technique possible. Enjoy and get in touch if anything is uncertain!

Audios for home practice

This ~10mins sequence is a great mobility warm up for the whole body. it can be followed with a little meditation or a stronger asana practice. If you have injuries, please check with your doctor/physiotherapy about it's suitability for your condition - for instance some of the sequence is not suitable (without modification) if you've had a hip replacement..

Warrior 1

Here are the basics of alignment to help to engage the 'clam muscle' (gluteus medius) in Virabhadrasana 1. The combination of knowledge, alignment and softening helps to switch off muscles that overwork and engage the correct postural muscles in the hip and the knee too. This is really functional if you think about all the walking up hills and stairs that require stability in the hip. This may help folks with hip issues like bursitis, sciatica and hamstring injuries, but you should check with a physiotherapist for more accurate assessment of suitability.



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