Yoga Teachers


Fran Belmar Morbelli

Fran discovered yoga because of her mom, when she was 18 years old. She used to practice with her while living in Chile. Right before she arrived to Australia she was struggling the city life, driving long distances in heavy traffic to work and suffering from body pain from being seated in front of the computer working as a graphic designer.

Moving to a new country meant the beginning of a new lifestyle. She arrived to Brisbane 8 years ago and started practicing at Yogaphysio and felt a strong attraction to Tam´s teachings and guidance. So she decided to embark on a new career direction by training to become a certified yoga teacher at yogaphyio. Fran is passionate about teaching yoga, but has also refreshed her interest in design work. She has skills now to approach this lifestyle in a healthier and more sutainable way. Her yoga mat  sits besides her computer and she regularly jumps on to her mat and to do some inversions to stretch her body out.

After a injury she had 2 years ago she’s been applying all her knowledge about yoga therapy, in some way she’s grateful for this injury because know she’s been able to experience pain and help others.

She describes herself as a big castle full of rooms and things. The more she explores this castle through her yoga practice, the more she understands herself. Fran loves dancing, spending time in nature, taking photos, designing and exploring healthy recipes.

Tony P

Tony has dabbled with yoga on and off since the mid-1990s however he first began a regular practice following chronic back pain in 2009. Motivated at first by pain, and with the happy co-incidence of Yogaphysio opening nearby, through yoga he realised rapid improvements in flexibility, strength and mobility.  He has been a committed student of Iyengar teacher Jamie Denham and Tam James throughout this time.
Although Tony's practice was initially motivated by physical gains he also observed a developing, calmer, and more relaxed approach to daily life. Intrigued by the physical and psychological effects of  practice he has continued exploring yoga, including the completion of a certified yoga teacher program with Leanne Davis and most recently, study of yoga philosophy in Chennai, India with Saraswati Vasudevan.
For Tony, yoga is a pathway to physical, emotional and spiritual peace.  Although he didn't start with a plan to teach yoga, he now finds himself wanting to share his knowledge and experience.  He believes that no matter where you are starting from, or what your motivation, yoga can improve the strength and flexibility of your mind and body


Nicole Owens

Nicole came to yoga 16 years ago as a competitive athlete in downhill ski racing in Canada to ‘be nice’ to her body and to not make it perform like a machine. This was a huge challenge as it made her realise how good she was at pushing through discomfort and pain. She also knew that this was something that did not serve her anymore and could let go of. Not without kicking and screaming though! Through a regular yoga practice she discovered a magical alchemy of breath and movement. She felt this give her body strength and her mind peace.

What brought Nicole to Yoga Therapy?

Nicole first became interested in Yoga as a therapy due to her own personal injury of herniating a disc in her lumbar spine. Being a very active person before the injury, she could no longer live the active adventurous life she wanted. She found treatments such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractor and physiotherapy to be wonderful to manage the pain, but they did not progress her ability to gain better function and movement in her body. She tried to go back to regular yoga but found that it was too much, too painful. She needed something that could help bridge the gap between regular activities she wanted to do and the treatments she was receiving.

Nicole can truly say Yoga Therapy is what really helped her unravel the protective patterns her body developed and allowed it to move in a pain free range. She was astounded at the results and that she could actually move without pain. This was mind blowing for her! Living with chronic pain can make you feel that pain is normal and will always be there. Nicole is living proof that it doesn’t have to be that way. The life changing benefits of resolving the tension and pain she felt in her body from this practice has led her to a search for a deeper understanding of why and how such simple and gentle movements of therapeutic yoga could positively affect one’s body.  

Knowing the impact pain and injury can have on a person’s life, Nicole’s goal is to help people out of pain and allow them to lead the life they dream of.

Before teaching yoga Nicole completed a Bachelors Degree in Commerce in Canada. In 2010 she completed her Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Gaiatri in Calgary, Canada and a certificate in Yoga Nidra. She has also completed Level 2 Teacher Training with Yoga Physio in Brisbane, and has taken on-going training in Yoga Therapy/Mechanics of Movement without pain. She is also a proud mother of a 7 month old boy. I am inspired by my teachers that have helped me see that movement is possible without pain.  

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