Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Craig Smith

Craig began practicing yoga in the late 1990s to assist in the treatment of chronic back and knee conditions, an unfocused mind and a lack of clear direction in life. Here he found the answers for questions and much more. He realized a passion in helping people to be more aware of their bodies’ natural healing abilities and so commenced Teacher Training with Yoga in Daily Life in 2001.  He began teaching yoga in Adelaide in 2002 and completed the Teacher Training certificate in 2003.

Additionally Craig holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy (RMT) and has more than 15 years experience in working with the body. The combined knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the experience he gained as a RMT has provided him with a holistic teaching style of Hatha Yoga with a strong focus towards maintaining safety, integrity and foundation in the practice of asana (postures), Pranayam (breathing exercises), Yoga Nidra (active relaxation), Hatha Yoga Kriyas (cleansing and purifying techniques) and Meditation.

To deepen what he offers as a therapist he is participating in the 3 year Post Graduate Diploma of Yoga Therapy with Yoga Therapy Australia. He studies under the expert guidance of Dr N Chandrasekaran from The Viniyoga Healing Foundation in Chennai, India. The study of Yoga Therapy has enhanced his knowledge of the authentic practices and techniques as prescribed from Patanjalis’ Yoga Sutras and Krishnamacharyas viniyoga tradition.

Craig has travelled to India several times for extended periods to immerse myself in the philosophy, lifestyle and culture of yoga.

In addition to his offering a yoga asana classes, massage and yoga therapy, Craig has a passion for guiding students into the deeper practices and yoga meditation. His main involvement at yogaphysio is as co-teacher on the Easter yoga retreat. On his yoga weekends and longer retreats he shares what has helped him most, yoga and vedanta philosophy as the guide to deepening a meditation practice.

Craig's intention is to guide students in a way that they experience the subtle and gross benefits of their individual practice. Observing the peacefulness and rhythms of the breath, exploring the physical body through movement and static postures, and the observation of the waves of the mind in meditation - he takes care  to assist and adapt the practice to suit the individual.

Contact Craig on 0413 873 161

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