Power of Touch

Reflections.... by Libbie Nelson... another snapshot of Saturdays workshops...

The Power of Touch by Libbie Nelson

As I walk along the beach taking my dog for a walk I am always impressed by the quality of the interactions the dogs have compared to the humans. They bound up wag their tails, growl or do whatever is going on for them at the time. The reaction is immediate and easy to discern, In comparison the humans often walk past each other with eyes down or averted resting uncomfortably in their space often unable to easily just be there and communicate appropriately.


I have been thinking about the many layers of touch lately with its internal and external ramifications in my life and others lives. I notice how it is easy for me to touch people physically and emotionally as a physiotherapist and a yoga teacher and then again how it is different as a social level. Clients often say to me you have wonderful hands and I think to myself they are just my ordinary everyday hands do the washing up, clean and many other mundane tasks. Then I realize I have trained my hands to be more than just that, they are my eyes, my senses and a bridge of contact between myself and others. There are many levels that they feel as I work and play


Touch is not just manual it involves all the senses and the mind. It can be wonderful or the opposite or just not exist. When I am teaching I am aware that all this matters that I don’t want to intrude or harm . Yoga is a union of self and all, interaction is essential internally and externally. I would like to make it positive, healing and at all times a real process so that one my dog and I will walk along the beach together with universal clarity

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