My Surgery Experience

If you didn't already know, I had my right thyroid removed before Christmas. It was a very interesting experience to walk the talk. Surgery is really like an elective injury. It's not everyday you agree to be knocked out and have your throat cut, I joked before hand. It surprised me however how quickly the body can heal, and I thought I would share the knowledge that supported me in this healing process. As now I can speak based on first hand experience of the process.

I'll start with quote by Epictetus.."It's not things or events that worry us, but the idea we have about them". I've remembered this quote at other times in my life.... when Malta (some of you will remember the late Malta-Mu), was lost for 10 days, but this is the first time I've reflected on it in a journey of personal health.

I'd had lumps on my thyroid for a few years, but with a tendency to avoidance in regard of ill health, they remained uninvestigated until February last year. Then, a new doctor gently but assertively managed to convince me to have a biopsy. So it was quite confronting when the results came back 15- 30% chance of malignancy (AKA 70 – 85% chance of benign) in the right side nodule.

Wow! So many of you will be thinking get it out, quick! But, I was actually fine to have 9 month on the public system waiting list. It gave me time to embrace the journey, to learn about myself and grow and to address the causes of illhealth. Covid was a blessing, enforcing upon me much needed rest. I was really sick for a lot of the year.. don't know... adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue. I was grounded with inflammatory symptoms in my digestive system and body generally....just really unwell.

It was a humbling year. I thought I was invincible and would live in a young and ageless body all my life. But alas. Humbling is a really valuable spiritual journey. Needing to surrender to the demand of the body for rest, sleeping up to 12 hours a day, letting go of any emotional judgement. Sifting through the thoughts in the mind to find a way forward to regain health. My intuition lead me to mostly refinements of lifestyle and alternative treatments to promote relaxation, nurture and nourishment for my whole being.

And then there came the time when I had to make the decision, whether to take out the whole thryoid (there was a small nodule on the left side too). My logical mind analysed and considered – I researched and questioned well meaning and knowledgable friends and doctors. Beneath this I found and trusted my intuition and decided to have just the right side out.

Having had 9 months to ponder, the surgery day came and I was super calm. "It's not events that worry us, but the ideas we have about them"!! Friends had recommended I ask for the valium asap, but it wasn't necessary. I was present and conscious and ready to embrace the experience with curiousity. Entering the surgical theatre was far from traumatic. I felt like I was in a film set – the staff where beautiful and gracefully efficient. My lovely surgeon didn't speak to me before I went out, but I noticed her smiling and reassuring eyes above her mask, gazing from the corner of the room.

An hour later I awoke in recovery, an hour after that I was walking unassisted to the bathroom. Wow medicine is amazing and surgery was fascinating and the body totally incredible. I had no ill effects from the GA, besides a sleepless night and the surgery was pretty painless so I had no need for opiate medication. I left the hospital the next day as soon as they could complete the admin.

So this is what happened. I'm now feeling much better. With my sick thyroid removed, my immune system is available for repairing the other areas that may have contributed to ill health. I am continuing with the slow living lifestyle of beach living, sunshine and ocean, good food, lots of exercise. I will write more next time about my embodiment of the healing process. In the meantime, you can see a little of it on my youtube channel... and please subscribe. :) Each video has a link to the next day... there are days 1, 2, 3, 4 & 10. xx



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