So I have just returned for the most idyllic time in Europe. The heatwave was glorious and at a cooler 920m, the Pyrennes retreat was delightful. Perfect weather for forest walks and relaxing poolside in the free time the retreat allowed. And so great to have so much time to dedicate in yoga to refresh my body and mind. So rested, nourished and BACK to sharing. Timetable is back to normal and iRest Yoga Nidra will also recommence next Tues 1150 and Meditation and philosophy study on Wed at 1110. Yoga Nidra is a lead meditation practice and deep relaxation, where you get to lay down, for that reason it has been very popular last term. The meditation class is a more open forum with seated meditation and study of the philosophies that inform yoga practice. Both are fantastic opportunities to deepen your knowledge of yoga.

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