Treat yourself - yogaphysio for pain

While 'hands on' physiotherapy may be helpful to relieve symptoms; movement and exercise are essential following injury. Physiotherapists have exceptional expertise in this regard.

A yogaphysio assessment of your injury or pain will determine an individual specialised programme suited to your needs. Selection of exercise and sequencing can be crucial to acheive best results and that's our speciality. Yoga postures will often be used as they provide a more thorough and time efficient exercise that is functional and interesting. Also we may integrate breathing practices that help to facilitate movement in addition to calming the mind and relax body tension, which helps to relieve pain. A yogaphysio programme is enjoyable - and we think it's important to enjoy what you're doing; it aids healing.

Movement approaches as treatment guide the body in it's healing and ensure optimum biomechanical efficiency with return to sport or general life activities. Our emphasis is on educating you and teaching you to be your own physio.  At the appropriate time yogaphysio classes can be attended as a cost-effective way of continuing 'treatment' in a supervised forum.

A yogaphysio assessment will also identify predisposing factors that may contribute to pain and injury. Sometimes pain is the result of many years of poor posture and habitual movement. You will be encouraged to continue exercise to address the underlying cause of symtpoms and prevent recurrence.

Sometimes injury and pain can leave us with concerns about movement and general function. Yogaphysio emphasises exercise and self management so that you regain confidence in your body's abilty to heal and function.

When pain persists... (switch tactics)

Pain research suggests weak links between chronic pain and ongoing tissue damage. The likely reasons for ongoing pain are thought to be more related to nervous system sensitivity. Nervous system sensitivity is influenced by physical, emotional, social, lifestyle and stress related factors. In pain managment this holistic approach to treament is called the biopsychosocial model. Yogaphysio uses strategies from a variety of psychosocial therapies to enhance physical rehabilitation. Persisting pain is no fun and it's even more important that self management strategies are optimised. Such therapies include acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness, graded motor imagery, visualisation, yoga therapy and general life skills counselling. 


Prices & Packages 2018

Initial consultationn $150/ Online $130

Follow up consult $110/ Online $90

Up front payment for Assess & 2 follow ups $340

Home visit supplement + $40

Please wear clothing suitable for moving in

Cash/cheque payment preferred or direct debit prior to consult

Health fund rebates from participating funds

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