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Zen Thai Massage Therapist, Mal White

Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapy is a full body treatment combining Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage and osteopathy techniques to assist your body's natural healing mechanisms. You remain fully clothed during this treatment, which is performed lying on a large, comfortable futon on the floor.

 This therapy incorporates using gentle Shiatsu pressure to acupressure points along Asian energy meridian lines plus Traditional Thai Massage to mobilise joints, muscles, tendons and internal organs. Additionally, some osteopathy techniques are incorporated where necessary to assist realignment of your body.
A standard treatment takes approx. 1½ hours and you will leave feeling profoundly peaceful and restored.
Mal is also an experienced, fully qualified, Iyengar Yoga teacher, teaching classes at Yogaphysio and at The Yogastop at The Gap. He teaches three early morning classes at Yogaphysio, including a Men's class on Wednesdays.

Contact Mal directly  0427 112 800

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